Albuquerque Slam Poet Laureate Program

Offers Historic Title

by Zachary Kluckman
For the first time in 700 years a Poet Laureate will be appointed by the people in an open competition, offering a unique opportunity for underserved artists and a brand new title for the City of Albuquerque.
After nearly 700 years of traditional appointment of Poets Laureate by government officials, Albuquerque Mayor Martin J. Chavez and Executive Director Zachary Kluckman create an historic new title, and opportunity, for poets in the region. In it’s inaugural year the Albuquerque Slam Poet Laureate program will appoint the world’s first Slam Poet Laureate, allowing local residents and visitors to name their new spokesperson directly, in what will prove to be a truly historic first.

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American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the WhiteBook Cover American LionHouse

Random House, 2009, Pulitzer Prize Winner
By Jack Pickering

This book is accurately titled. Old Hickory was surely a protector of his tribe as a male lion protects his pride. While I still regret Jackson’s harshness toward Native Americans, author Jon Meacham has helped me to understand the mindset jounalisticallly dubbed “Manifest Destiny” in 1845. Historical inevitability remains a thorny issue. Yet, when technologically advanced European men pushed aside less advanced natives, the conquerors were bound to protect their women and children. Jackson showed leonine qualities in doing so.

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Los Jaraneros del Valle Build Musical Bridges with
Son Jarocho

by Bill Nevins
Los janerosVictor Padilla uses engineering terms to describe the musical goals of Los Jaraneros del Valle: “We started out to find bridges built long ago with Mexico instead of the walls which, unfortunately, are now going up. We found the vigas of a musical bridge and we are re-constructing it. ” Based in Albuquerque’s South Valley, Los Jaraneros are-- besides founder Victor Padilla-- Felipe Lucero, Antonio Aragon, Teresa Slack, Rafaelita Gonzales, Lorenzo Candelaria and Ricardo Maes. They perform every Friday morning at La Placita Café on Isleta Boulevard, in the heart of Albuquerque’s Mexican and Latin American immigrant community, and they are being featured regularly at local arts fests and other venues. A cd is in preparation and they have tracks on a recent anthology of New Mexico music. Los Jaraneros’ bridge is son jarocho, a folk music style until recently little heard in New Mexico, where the ranchera, norteno and mariachi styles of Texas and Chihuahua are more evident. Son jarocho originated centuries ago far from El Norte, in the balmy Gulf coastal region of southern Veracruz, where the annual late January Fiesta de la Candelaria showcases regional poetry and son jarocho. This music is the complex heritage of a transcontinental cultural journey, linking African influences with European and Native American styles, instrumentation and outlook.

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